Digital/UI Design

311 app concept. click through to see process →


Print Design

Weekly layout and time tracking pages for my personal planner created in InDesign. Store bought planners don't offer the customization that I need, and bullet journaling proved to be too time consuming. I keep blank pages in addition to these in this binder for when I need to make a custom bullet journal-style spread. The best of both worlds. 

Logos & Illustrations

Logo for The Austin Artery created in Adobe Illustrator. 

Logo for a charity event at my gym. (My first ever powerlifting event, I squatted 185 pounds!) Printed on flyers, t-shirts and trophys.

Illustrations for Covenant Presbyterian to accompany an article on the Rule of Life philosophy. 

Chalkboards & Hand Lettering

I love an opportunity to step away from the screen and draw beautiful letters. The planning and guidelines required for creating signage is calming to work on, just get in the zone and stay in the lines.

Mockup for a check out screen created in Adobe XD & Photoshop 

Mock up created in Adobe XD & Photoshop (photo credit to my friend Niki Urban)


Covenant's quarterly magazine, Cornerstone: I do everything except write the articles. Art direction, text layout in InDesign, sourcing and providing photography, illustration, hand lettering, copy editing. Click through for Issuu viewer + previous issues (Praying the Psalms 2017 booklet + ahead designed by me.)

Page from a corporate retreat/events sales brochure for Travaasa. The director of marketing was super picky and I really honed my text layout and InDesign skills with project like this. 

Hand lettered event poster. 

Email Design

Everything is assembled in MailChimp.