A photograph of Noel smiling. She's wearing a black t shirt. Her hair is long and brain with short, choppy bangs.

Growing up in boring Abilene, Texas, I was a creative and weird kid. I spent most of my time drawing, heavily influenced by the character pages in my gamer grandparents' JRPG strategy guides.

As a teenager I was extremely online and taught myself Photoshop by designing and coding custom Livejournal layouts. When I got a car I skipped class often to take moody photographs of the old buildings downtown.

I studied oil painting in college and continued to teach myself digital design.

I have made a living as a freelance creative providing design and illustration services, as well as worked as an in-house designer within the luxury hospitality, non profit, food, and CPG start up industries.

I now live in Bentonville, Arkansas with my husband, my hound dog Weetzie Bat, and my kitties Tikwid and Goofy. I enjoy gravel and mountain biking, taking care of my houseplants, jewelry making, and digging for glass bottles in old dumps.


✸ Branding / Visual Identity
✸ Web Design
✸ Illustration

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