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curriculum vitae

I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas, and fled to Austin as soon as I could, during a time when you could rent a two bedroom apartment for $600 a month. I haven't left yet, it's too easy to go swimming when you need to. 

When I was in preschool, our teacher sent home art projects each day in a folder. I vividly remember riding home with my grand dad in his Bronco II, and discovering a project created by a little girl with the same name in my folder. I burst into tears, indignant that my teacher could confuse something so crude and naive as my work. 

As a kid I devoured Japanese RPG strategy guides. I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house, both avid gamers. They only played RPG's, and diligently followed the guidebook's walkthrough along the way. I was constantly drawing, inspired by the character designs of Yoshitaka Amano and his contemporaries.

Although I probably should have studied illustration (or avoided crippling student debt altogether), I got a painting degree. I aim to find a balance between my playful, bright abstract oil paintings and narrative figurative illustrations in all the work that I make. 

I started using Photoshop over ten years ago to create designs for LiveJournal layouts and icons, as well as edit my scanned artwork. I was Extremely Online as a teen where I learned to pick up programs quickly and I'm still an early adopter of new tech. When Strava first came out, my cycling friends made fun of me for using it and I got a QOM on almost every segment I rode. 

Cycling is dear to my heart. I was the only person I knew in my hometown who bike commuted to work and school. I've been powerlifting for three years and could probably squat you.