My first café show: Hyde Park Grill South

I met Anne Ducote, the curator for Hyde Park Grill and Blue Dahlia, two years ago when she visited my open studio during the West Austin Studio Tour. Both restaurants had always stood out to me as showcasing high quality work, so I was excited to work with her to install some of my pieces at Hyde Park Grill South. 


Paintings hanging out at home the night before. The two abstractions are new works completed within the last month or two. 


I wasn't sure about the teeth piece... but I figured, it's Halloween time! I decided to risk it. The neon yellow and pink painting are my first acrylic work in years. It's an experiment in producing more minimal abstractions than my usual chaotic multi layered works. 


Kylie Jenner and Faerie Quilt hanging out together before installation. 

Anne hanging my Bike Grandma drawing. 

Jeffrey Primeuax, also an Austin-based painter, was installing work that morning as well. He was very helpful - here he is holding Snooki Von Fro Yo, hung right above the host station as you enter the restaurant. 

I really enjoyed Jeffrey's paintings of pigeons, grackles and fish, they exude a wonderful serene energy. 

The mustard yellow walls in the waiting area actually provided a nice backdrop for my pieces. 

Smaller pieces hanging in a nicely lit window corner. 

My intuition was correct. When I visited the space on Sunday, these two pieces weren't on the wall. Haha - too scaryyy! Where my creepy art collectors at? These paintings got a great reception at my WEST open studio, especially with kids who thought they were funny/about eating noodles. 

My drawings and paintings will be up at Hyde Park Grill South until November 8. Just in time to take them to the studio and set up for EAST! Hope to see you there. More info soon! :)